We use US sizes on our online shop. To find your perfect ring size to order, we recommend using a ring you have that perfectly fits your intended finger, and measuring its inside diameter in millimeters. Then, simply use the table below to convert into US sizes.

Another way to find your perfect size is the string method if you don't have a ring to measure from:

1. Take a piece of string / thinly cut paper and wrap it around your intended finger at its widest point (it may be at the joint. Don't worry, your ring won't actually sit here).
2. Mark the point on the paper where the strip forms a complete circle and begins to overlap, with a pen or pencil.
3.Measure from the edge of your paper up to the line you just marked with a ruler. Measure up to the nearest millimeter, rounding up if necessary.
4. Consult the table below to convert the length you found to your perfect ring size.

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